Ps 46; esp v 10 (Be still & know that I am God)

            Loomis translation – shut yo’ mouth, Mike!

            I like to talk. I am pretty good at it sometimes.

            Relax. Deep breaths.

            Prayer phrase – Lord’s prayer;

            Jesus prayer (Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner;

or, Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me, your brother);

Julian of Norwich (All shall be well; and all shall be well; all manner of things shall be well.)

            News—all shall be well; politics—and all shall be well;

            Chicken Little—and all manner of things shall be well.                                            

            Repeat as needed….


REJOICE 1 Th 5:16—18 (Rejoice…; pray…; give thx in all circ)

            Ps 136 (his love endures forever); Ps 143:8 (Let the morning…) 

            Songs – hymnal; CD/download to phone (sing along)

            Count your blessings; give thanks (Name NAMEs)


 Jn 14:14 (Ask anything in my name…)

            NOT some things; not proper things; all things.

            Don’t give up. “shameless audacity”

            Ask; seek; knock…again and again and again and…

            Prayer is like chucking rocks in a swamp (Frank Laubach); repeatedly

            And, eventually, one of the rocks starts to break the surface of the water.

            Winston Churchill gave a commencement address years after WWII:

            “Never, never, never, never, never quit….”


      PICKAXE… keep striking at the rock again and again and again and again…

 Rom 12:1 (Offer **every part of** your self…)

            Listen. Prayer is a conversation.

            What does God want to tell YOU?

                  Confess. (examine your heart; test your heart) Ps 24, 51, 139

                        What do you need to surrender? Relinquish?

                                    (What do you need to let go?

                                    Who do you need to forgive?

                                    What habit do you need to stop?)

                  Offer (How might you offer yourself? Your time?

                  How might your attitude need to change?

                  What might you need to do differently with your money?)

What is God telling you to do?

  •             Now?
  •             Today?
  •             Tomorrow? 

It is so very simple. But, it is not easy.

      It is a practice, a lifestyle, a habit.