The 1st Church family believes God is in control and is moving through us in marvelous ways through our mission efforts throughout the world. We directly support the following missions financially and with our time and prayers. An information brochure on each mission is available on the Mission Bulletin Board in Lenox Fellowship Hall.  

  • TABERNACULA DEL ESPIRITU SANTO: Our sister church in Guaro, Cuba, about 420 miles east of Havana. The pastor is Ronald Simon Torres. With our support, they have established eight missions in the surrounding mountains.
  • IGLESIA JUAN WESLEY: Our sister church in Taguasco, Cuba, about 200 miles east of Havana. The pastor is Alfredo Caballero. We have purchased an old house in the center of town which they are making into a church. While they are remodeling, they have created three missions in the surrounding villages.
  • FAITH COMES BY HEARING: This mission team of Frank and Shawn Dvorak, works with Wycliffe Bible Translators in creating audio of the written Bible translations. They go to the country, taking the audio equipment with them and train local pastors how to use it such that the local population, which does not read or write, can hear the Bible.
  • LIVE DEAD ARAB WORLD: Jack and Polly Wilson train missionary couples with occupational skills to relocate into North African villages. The missionaries can support themselves while providing skills needed in the village and preaching the Gospel.
  • GALCOM INTERNATIONAL: Manufacturers and distributors of solar powered radios and audio bibles. The radio can only listen to local missionary stations. The audio bibles are used by missionaries for those who cannot read or write.
  • UMCOR: The United Methodist Committee on Relief provides humanitarian aid and disaster response around the world with 100% of donations going to the designated project. For more information on the current projects to to
  • OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD:  1ST Church is the local gathering point for all the churches packing Christmas gift shoe boxes. Samaritan’s Purse sends the boxes to foreign missionaries to give away while teaching the Gospel to children.  



  • GOOD NEWS CLUB: 1st Church takes the Gospel to our local schools. It starts with Good News Club at Sally Jones Elementary School which is staffed by church members and other volunteers. More information is on this website under Ministries/Illuminate Children’s Ministry. Tammy Graham, Director of Children’s ministry,
  • WYLDLIFE: WyldLife Club to have fun and hear he Gospel is held at Punta Gorda Middle School each week and is conducted with the assistance of Tim Buck, Director of Youth Ministries,
  • YOUNG LIFE: 1ST Church supports Young Life in all the high schools in Charlotte County. Our emphasis is in sharing the Gospel at Charlotte High School. Young Life Club is held once a week and Campaigners Bible Study follows on a different night.
  • FLORIDA UNITED METHODIST CHILDREN’S HOME: Located in Enterprise, Florida, children find a safe place where they are loved and given an opportunity to grow into healthy self-sufficient adults.
  • APOSTLES BUILD: 1st Church supports Habitat for Humanity with the Apostles Build Project where we build a house each year in cooperation with eleven other churches. For current project information go to
  • FEED THE HARBOR: Annually we gather with other churches outside the local Publix Stores and collect food to stock the food banks. In addition each month we collect food on the first Sunday to help the food pantry.
  • OTHER MISSIONS: Our members staff and support these missions.
  • CROSSROADS HOPE ACADEMY: This local home and charter school is for boys who have had multiple failed placement in the Florida foster care system.
  • CHARLOTTE COUNTY HOMELESS COALITION: The only local place for homeless to find meals and shelter while being assisted in gaining employment.
  • GIDEONS: Last year the local Peace River Camp distributed over 7000 Bibles and Testaments to hospitals, nursing and assisted living homes, medical offices, fairs and festivals, jails and prisons, high and middle schools and the local college.
  • JESUS LOVES YOU MINISTRY: This is the only local ministry taking the Gospel along with food and assistance to the homeless living under the bridges and in the woods in Charlotte County.