Galcom Outreach Ministry


Send MEMini Evangelist

A ministry for you to reach your family, friends and neighbors for Christ without fear of rejection, using the newest made-in-Israel GALCOM technology.

“God, the creator, giver of life. Does He speak? Does care about us? Can we know Him? Yes… He spoke, He cares, and His message for all people tells us how to know Him. Thirty five hundred years ago, God began instructing man in writing down His words.

Over the next 1500 years, God continued to speak and 40 different men recorded these messages from Him. The early writings were called The Law and The Prophets. These and the rest of God’s Word, recorded on scrolls, became known as The Scriptures. Today, these same writings, bound together in one book, are called The Bible. These holy words tell about God and how much He loves all people in the world. This is God’s Story.”

This is the introduction to the sound track of The God Story, a video designed to introduce the lost to God and Jesus Christ. It is the first thing that a listener hears when he presses the “play” button on an Envoy “Mini Evangelist,” a programmable, random-access audio player.

Contents of the Mini Evangelist

With music, sound effects and compelling drama, The God Story draws an unbeliever into an initial knowledge of God and then leads him to a dramatized paraphrase Bible, the complete American Standard Bible, and then to a 92-lesson “Mini Bible College.”

This Mini Evangelist is designed to provide the listener with a powerful introduction to Christianity, and then to lead him in a growing relationship with Christ. Lying in bed, walking in the mall, driving the car, time that may be otherwise wasted, can be devoted to developing a deeper knowledge of God and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Personal Outreach

For years, through our Faith Promise Missions, our church family has supported the Galcom ministry and its international world outreach. Now, you can have one of these Envoys for your own personal Bible study or to reach someone you love by donating $30 to Galcom (plus $2.50 for postage to the church). To order your Galcom Mini Evangelist please contact the Church Office, (941) 639-3842.

Use it yourself. Then, when the time is right, give it to someone you love; a son or daughter; a grandchild; a friend or a neighbor. The Galcom ministry is probably the most direct application of the Great Commission to “Go ye into all the world with the Good News.” God himself told the prophet Isaiah.  “My word shall not return to me void.”  Moreover, when someone is given one of these little electronic missionaries, God’s word will not return to Him void.

Personal Evangelism

Personal evangelism is never easy. It is very difficult for many of us to introduce our loved ones, friends or neighbors to the Good News of the Gospel. However, the Lord does command us to “Go ye into all the world.” This is one way you can do just that; by sending out your own little electronic Mini-Evangelist. Someday, somewhere, someone will give his heart to Christ because of your gift, and one day in heaven, that soul will come to you to say “Thank you for giving to the Lord. I was a soul that YOU saved.”

Your Faith Promise Mission Pledges at Work:

Your pledge to our Faith Promise Missions has directly led thousands of souls to Christ. In the past three years alone, our donations to Galcom have paid to manufacture more than 400 radios and deliver them to illiterate and isolated people around the world. Based on the average lifetime and the numbers of listeners to these radios, they will result in more than 5,000 people giving their hearts to the Lord.

Not only has our church family supported radios and audio players for the lost, but some of our women, using donated bed sheets, have sewn hundreds of parachutes used by Galcom missionary pilots to drop radios and audio Bibles into parts of the world inaccessible to missionaries.

Men of Faith

Right here at 1st Church, the Men of Faith, through our own Care Ministry, have provided Galcom audio Bibles to loan to those who are hospitalized and cannot hold up a Bible in bed. The aim of this ministry is to surround our brothers and sisters in distress with the Word of God.

This, in fact, was the start of the Send ME Ministry, a hometown effort to provide electronic Mini Evangelists to go out into our own community with the Good News of Jesus Christ.