marbles“I go to this crazy church where the Pastor gave out marbles as a reminder that Jesus loves me….” To whom have you given your marble, as a simple reminder that Jesus loves them?  
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     Marble Moments: 
    I gave my marble to a young teller at my bank. Her smile lit up the room. – Mike
    I have given away two marbles this week. ( 1 ) The first one I gave to a friend who just learned she has to live with AFib.  She does not go to church. I gave her a marble and told her Jesus loves you, and you will be in my prayers.  She and her husband were up and dancing last evening at a pig roast we had at the club house in the community.  ( 2 )  The next one I gave to my beautician who is getting a divorce after 20 years of marriage.  I gave her the marble and told her that Jesus loves her.  She said that is funny, because I was just thinking about going back to church, and this has inspired me to do that this Sunday.  I hugged her next and said I loved her as well, and that she would be in my prayers. – Cathy
    Well Pastor Mike, one of your marbles has made its way to Smithfield, NC.  I went with my mother to take her cat to the vets yesterday.  The Vet and I got to talking after the examination.  It was obvious for the reading material in the waiting room that he was a Christian.  My sister told me this guy and his wife used to attend their church, but something happened and they left.  My mother asked him why she had not seen him at church and he said he and his wife have been visiting other churches.  I knew then I had to give him a marble.  I only brought one with me, so this marble was given to Dr. Mike Ward in North Carolina.  He asked me if he could pass it on and I said absolutely.  I wish now I had brought more than one marble with me.
    Sincerely, Cathy Aleshire