Bills, we all have them.  Whether it is the mortgage, credit cards, student loans, consumer loans or that $20 you borrowed from your best friend, debt is something we all have experienced. According to Time magazine, in 2017 Americans’ debt reached a record high of $13 trillion, surpassing the previous record set in 2008 of only $208 billion. With a growth of over $12 trillion in ten years, one can only estimate what the next generation will add to the till.

With six best sellers on the top publishers lists, Dave Ramsey and his team of experts have become one of the biggest answers to debt in America, Financial Peace University. This nine-week course has provided the foundation for thousands of participants to claim they are fully debt free without having to work five jobs and sacrifice everything.

Having celebrated 25 years in the business last year, Ramsey has watched over 4.5 million people participate in Financial Peace University either in a classroom setting in their community or in the privacy of their own home. Ramsey Solutions has not only reached out to adults, but is now actively reaching over 2 million teens in 16,000 schools, 90,000 college students currently in more than 550 colleges and 25,000 home school families participating in their Foundations in Personal Finance Programs (Ramsey Solutions, 2018). These programs along with Financial Peace University have been able to allow countless individuals and families to pay off their debt and learn proper spending rules and techniques. 
In their continued efforts to support Charlotte County residents, First United Methodist Church will be hosting Financial Peace University with classes beginning on October 16th. This nine-week course will meet Tuesdays at 6:30 pm in Lenox Fellowship Hall, with the exception of Thanksgiving week.  The cost for materials is $109. Married couples will be able to share, and single individuals are encouraged to bring a partner or friend for support and accountability during this life changing process.  To print the registration, please click the link below and return it with your payment to 1st United Methodist Church, 507 W Marion Avenue, Punta Gorda.  For additional information please contact Walt Howell 843.816.7970