If you have been in a special committee meeting you’ve heard the class meeting briefly introduced. But what is it? How does it work? It’s time as a church we answer those questions and get the ball rolling. Here’s a short narrative that UMC Bishop Robert E. Hayes Jr. wrote after reading Kevin Watson’s book, The Class Meeting….
“As the United Methodist Church struggles to redefine itself and its mission for the next generation of disciples, Kevin Watson has managed to reconnect us to a timeless practice that has the potential of “revitalizing our denomination—the Class Meeting! With so much emphasis on declining membership and loss of relevancy, we are invited to rediscover what made Methodism and the Wesleyan movement so vibrant for over a century.
Could it be that we’ve been looking in all the wrong places for the right answers? Watson reminds us that the class meeting is not an end in itself, but it has the ability to bring together and transform core groups of people who “are willing to invest in each other’s lives and who are desperate to grow in their relationship with Jesus.”
What I treasure most about this book is the way Watson traces the history of the class meeting, shares the basics of what should/should not take place within the group, and defines for us the role and qualities of the class leader. In other words, this is not a history book that simply tells us what happens then. Instead, it is a modern day road map that points us in the direction of what happens now!
If you are one of those Christians seeking to experience the height, depth, length, width and breath of God’s purpose and meaning for your life, you need to know you can discover it in a place we’ve yet to look—the class meeting!”
All right! Are you one of those Christians ready to reclaim this Wesley practice? One way to know is attend the first training session. If it’s not your “cup of tea” you’re not required to come back. Beginning October 12th and running 8 weeks on Saturdays from 9:30 – 10:45 a.m. in room 13 will be instructions on what the class meeting is/is not and what the role of a leader is. Books are available in the church office. Please register by filling out for form below by October 7th: